As it was meant to be I have to start with Singh's. My second home. A real authentic place with good food and good music. A place I have experienced and seen real indian cuisine and kitchen with all it's thrill, noise, fire and smells. 



My bullet points:

It's located in Riga, 32 Ģertrūdes street. Central, but you can still find a place to park, which is important especially for me as I never quite grasped the art of parallel parking.

Just professional indian chefs in the kitchen which is quite a rarity in Latvia.

Menu is quite large, so you get a chance to experiment each time, although we have of course formed out top three of favourite dishes. And it's really tasty. 

If you get a bit tired of same old indian for you can switch to Indo - Chinese cuisine. Tom yum and crispy prawn. Just saying.

Business lunch is really good - big platter of different stuff for just 6,95 EUR. You just have to choose vegetarian or meat option (fish on Thursdays).

Just because Gulab Jamun. Not the prettiest but quite possibly tastiest dessert. Fried dough balls simmered in tasty cardamom syrup. With ice-cream. Just try.



What else there is to tell. Indian cuisine uses green chilies which from my point of view are spicier than red, which we are more accustomed to. But to each it's own. We usually start by ordering something mild and then we can upgrade, but take in mind that mild is still slightly spicy. And be open minded - each person has a completely different view on what is spicy and what isn't so you just have to experiment.

Two dishes I would not recommend to start with are  - Lamb kebab and Chicken tikka masala. They both are spicy by definition. BUT they both are super good, so maybe just risk it.

Second floor hosts a really nice and fancy banquet rooms where you can have dinner, just make a reservation well in advance.

And there's a big choice for vegetarians. So what can I say - just go and try.